Medical Alert Wristbands 

Medical Alert, ID wristbands and jewellery 

We offer the peace of mind needed to know that your loved ones are safe.  We offer an extensive and ever expanding range of medical wristbands produced by Mediband®.  Mediband® wristbands are specifically designed to be 100% hypo-allergenic and are endorsed by Allergy UK. We supply wristbands for all different medical conditions including: Allergies, Diabetes, Epilepsy, Asthma etc.

We stock three different styles of bands; Bold, Reversible and Write-On.

 Bold wristbands have the medical condition printed on the outside, in bright colours, so that the information can be seen easily.

Reversible wristbands have a pattern on the outside of the wristband and the medical condition printed on the inside.  These are for people that are not happy with their medical condition on display all the time, but it can easily been found.                            

Write-On wristbands have a pattern on the outside of the wristband, 'Alert Medical Condition' printed on the inside, along with a special write-on area.  Using a permenant marker, add the medical condition or any information you wish to add, then drop into boiling water for 30 seconds, this will set the writing.  Write-ons are designed for people that have less well known medical conditions or have more than one medical condition.  Also, people with well known medical conditions often purchase these write-on wristbands, because they come in many different patterns and are very versatile. 

All wristbands have internationally recognised medical symbols printed on them, so that anyone coming to help will know that the wristband carries medical information.

Event First Aid cover

We offer event first aid cover for many different type and size of events.  Our team of qualified first aiders and nurses have many years of experience of providing help and care to injured and unwell people.  We can provide a tailor made service to cover any type of event, to ensure that your events are covered by the relevant Health & Safety legislation.

First Aid Courses

We offer a range of accredited first aid courses to suit all of your needs.  Our tutors are pleased to offer one day Emergency First Aid at Work courses (formerly Appointed Persons), three day First Aid at Work courses, two day First Aid at Work requalification course and Paediatric First Aid.  These courses can be run at your venue or we can provide a training venue for you.

Please complete a contact form if you would like have any questions or queries regarding our wristbands, event first aid cover or would like to book a first aid course.